Frequently Asked Questions

Canyon Madness Ranch strives to provide guests with a seamless and enjoyable experience, and to facilitate this, we have compiled a concise list of frequently asked questions

What types of accommodations are available at Canyon Madness Ranch?

The Teepee Lodge (our unique guest lodge) at Canyon Madness Ranch is a unique architectural structure that is cantilevered 800 feet over a canyon edge that overlooks the Canadian River. The Lodge only has 8 suites that includes a king-size bed, a lounge space, and a private bathroom. All suites have a scenic view of the river canyon. The Lodge also features a large Great room for rest and entertainment. There are 2 gigantic patios that overlook the river canyon as well.

What activities are offered at Canyon Madness Ranch?

CMR features 2 bookend activities of “Equestrian Paradise” and “Firearms Wonderland”. The former features nearly 50 high-caliber and well-bred horses that do provide the largest range of horsemanship experience and equestrian sports-riding. Our firearms program features the most ambitious pistol and rifle ranges and offers the most sophisticated selection of firearms for all kinds of shooting and even extra long-range shooting. CMR also boasts one of the best skeet ranges in the US for high caliber shot-gunning adventures.

Are meals included in the stay at Canyon Madness Ranch?

CMR has onsite a highly decorated cordon bleu chef that provides the finest 5-star dining that can be either ordered a la carte or be enjoyed in an all-inclusive program (that provides all food, beverage and all activities for one cost per person per day.

Is Canyon Madness Ranch suitable for families with children?

Although children are welcome and can be accommodated, the adventures available are so sophisticated and high-end that we believe they may be wasted on children that are too young to enjoy adult adventurous activities that require following the careful instruction of our guides and instructors.

Can Canyon Madness Ranch accommodate special dietary needs?

Yes, we can accommodate if notified in advance at time of booking.

Can Canyon Madness Ranch accommodate special dietary needs?

Yes, we can accommodate if notified in advance at time of booking.

What is the best time of year to visit Canyon Madness Ranch?

 From May through November

How do I get to Canyon Madness Ranch?

Best and safest is to fly and land in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and rent a car to drive there (2.5 to 3 hours)

Are there any packages available for extended stays at Canyon Madness Ranch?

We have 2 travel plans: either “All-Inclusive” for $600 per person per night (double occupancy) that includes, room and all dining and beverages (including alcohol) OR room charge for $300 per night and paying for meals and beverage and activities a la carte.

Does Canyon Madness Ranch offer any guided tours or excursions?

All tour and activities MUST be guided for safety. The ranch has 14,000 acres — guests that explore it alone is unsafe.

What should I pack for my stay at Canyon Madness Ranch?

Attire should be casual and suitable for living a wilderness paradise. Guests should check weather and temperature ranges at time of travel to make best decision on what clothes to bring.

Are pets allowed at Canyon Madness Ranch?

Pets allowed include cats and dogs but they need to be kept in pet crates and left on the patio of the Lodge. Pets are not allowed indoors. With proper arrangements made in advance, CMR can accommodate guests trailering their own horses.

How can I book a stay at Canyon Madness Ranch?

Can book directly by searching or search under and search for Canyon Madness Ranch in Roy, New Mexico.

What is the cancellation policy for Canyon Madness Ranch?

Booking is 50 per cent paid upon booking and the rest before checking in. The booking deposit is refundable until 30 days before arrival.

Does Canyon Madness Ranch host private events or gatherings?

CMR can host special events by special arrangement via contact through our website.

What safety measures are in place for activities at Canyon Madness Ranch?

Safety is our primary concern for our professional instructors and guides. That is why all activities are guided. Once alcohol is consumed each day, guests can then no longer engage in activities where safety is a matter of concern, eg. firearms and horse riding etc.

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All-Inclusive Luxury Vacation Package

$650 person per night based on double occupancy of one of 8 large luxury suites
(single occupancy of suite shall be $900 per night)

All-Inclusive shall include all lodging, food and all beverages (including alcoholic) and all Canyon Madness Ranch’s listed recreational activities without limitation and accompanied by experienced guides and instructors.

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As a Luxury Bed & Breakfast Hotel

$295 per suite per night (double occupancy allowed)
Lunches can be purchased from Lodge Chef at $35 per person and four course dinners for $50 per person (gratuity not included).

All CMR extravagant range of activities, equestrian & firearms sports and others, are available a la carte for $70 per person per hour (price includes guides, instructors, all equipment, vehicles and horses).

Extra charges only apply to ammunition; these will be billed according to customary retail rates without extra markup. Guests with their own firearms and ammunition can rent CMR’s gun ranges by making arrangements on site.

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