Canyon Madness Ranch (CMR)

An Architectural Wonder

The Teepee Lodge

Nature’s gift provided a rock-solid site that permitted a concrete foundation to uphold an eighteen thousand square feet structure consisting of large living spaces, eight suites and two levels of massive viewing decks.  The design concept involves two teepee-shaped structures connected by a Great Room suitable for living and dining, relaxation and entertainment.  The lodge features only eight guest suites, each with a king-size bed, a full bathroom, and a comfortable living space with a queen-size sofa bed.  All suites allow access to the deck that offers full view of the magnificent river canyon, with steep cliffs descending to the river seven hundred feet below.  The Teepee Lodge also boasts a large outdoor jacuzzi intentionally placed at the edge of the canyon that offers legendary views.  

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Only satellite television and internet/phone services are available through DISH and Starlink respectively.   Cell phone services can be inconstant depending on user’s service provider and subscription.  


For all vacation-packages, the quoted per person charges are all-inclusive (accommodations, all food and beverage including wine, beer and sake, and all activities and excursions, tour guides and instructors and all basic equipment for all activities).  Cuisine offered at the Lodge is best described as “Southwest Fusion” in style.  Depending on the season and availability, CMR aspires to use farm-to-table ingredients and meats and will use recipes designed to be different from traditional hotel menus.  A full liquor license is not possible and the Lodge can only offer alcoholic beverages in the form of wine, beer and sake.  There is no legal restriction for guests to bring their own hard liquor.  


Lodge Interior Spaces

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All-Inclusive Luxury Vacation Package

$650 person per night based on double occupancy of one of 8 large luxury suites
(single occupancy of suite shall be $900 per night)

All-Inclusive shall include all lodging, food and all beverages (including alcoholic) and all Canyon Madness Ranch’s listed recreational activities without limitation and accompanied by experienced guides and instructors.

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As a Luxury Bed & Breakfast Hotel

$295 per suite per night (double occupancy allowed)
Lunches can be purchased from Lodge Chef at $35 per person and four course dinners for $50 per person (gratuity not included).

All CMR extravagant range of activities, equestrian & firearms sports and others, are available a la carte for $70 per person per hour (price includes guides, instructors, all equipment, vehicles and horses).

Extra charges only apply to ammunition; these will be billed according to customary retail rates without extra markup. Guests with their own firearms and ammunition can rent CMR’s gun ranges by making arrangements on site.

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