Food & Beverage

Healthy Food That’s included in the price

The vacation stays at Canyon Madness Ranch is “all-inclusive”. All meals, drinks and snacks are included in your package price.

The Teepee Lodge features an eclectic international menu that is best described as Southwest/Asian fusion. CMR believes that adventuresome guests traveling distances to experience unprecedented adventures in a canyon paradise are more like to enjoy a non-traditional menu with relatively more exotic flavors and spices.

The ranch endeavors to serve healthy foods at all times, and will provide farm-to-table dishes if possible. CMR’s owner is a physician and so the Teepee Lodge kitchen will use MCT oil (medium chain triglyceride) in all its recipes in the kitchen whenever possible. All beef served is from ranch and grass-fed cattle and the CMR has just started our own ostrich breeding program to ensure a constant supply of this 99% fat free and tasty red meat for the indefinite future. All eggs served are ranch-laid from our own hens.

All beverages including wine, beer and sake are free and include in the vacation package price. Please note that CMR does not have a full liquor license (very difficult if not impossible to get in this location in New Mexico) so other alcoholic beverages cannot be sold. However, guests are allowed to bring any food and beverage and consume them at their leisure. Please note that upon consumption of any alcoholic beverage on any given day, guests are barred from any activities deemed hazardous at the sole discretion of CMR instructors and guides.

On account of supply chain difficulties, CMR’s remote location dictates that we use a pre-determined menu for each week of vacation use. The Teepee Lodge kitchen has the ability to alter or supplement the menu to accommodate guests with specific allergies or dietary restrictions. Please inform CMR of such when you fill out your pre-arrival guest questionnaire. Since most of the groceries are ordered from far away, it would be difficult to make spur-of-the moment changes in our menu. This is the singular disadvantage for visiting a remote natural paradise. Yet we believe that the special flavors we offer you will make up for this compromise. 

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All-Inclusive Luxury Vacation Package

$650 person per night based on double occupancy of one of 8 large luxury suites
(single occupancy of suite shall be $900 per night)

All-Inclusive shall include all lodging, food and all beverages (including alcoholic) and all Canyon Madness Ranch’s listed recreational activities without limitation and accompanied by experienced guides and instructors.

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As a Luxury Bed & Breakfast Hotel

$295 per suite per night (double occupancy allowed)
Lunches can be purchased from Lodge Chef at $35 per person and four course dinners for $50 per person (gratuity not included).

All CMR extravagant range of activities, equestrian & firearms sports and others, are available a la carte for $70 per person per hour (price includes guides, instructors, all equipment, vehicles and horses).

Extra charges only apply to ammunition; these will be billed according to customary retail rates without extra markup. Guests with their own firearms and ammunition can rent CMR’s gun ranges by making arrangements on site.

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